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Do It Yourself Cedar Sauna Kit in Canada

Western Red Cedar is our most popular sauna wood. Cedar sauna woods are strong, lightweight and generally do not warp or shrink over time while providing a more comfortable and cooler sauna surface to sit and lean on. Our DIY sauna liner kit is the easiest way to have a complete sauna quickly installed in your home or commercial space. You can install a sauna anywhere in your home. Just add our complete home sauna kit to your pre-built framed, insulated and wired structure. Sauna kits can also be installed outdoor in a cabana or shed. Our sauna material kits are made of Clear or Knotty Canadian Western Red cedar, and we can design and customize any shape and size to meet your needs. Sauna kits are the most affordable and effective option when building a sauna, and Bsaunas offers the lowest factory-direct prices. With over many years of experience in the sauna industry, you can trust Bsaunas to provide design and installation expertise, excellent customer service, and high quality clear or knotty cedar saunas.

All Inclusive DIY Sauna Kit

We supply:

  • Foil Vapor Barrier
  • 1×4 11/16 T&G clear or knotty, grade ‘A’ cedar lining for walls & ceiling
  • All T&G finished on ONE side
  • Clear 2X4 grade ‘A’ cedar for benches and supports
  • Corner mouldings for walls and ceiling
  • Sauna Door (All Doors pre-hung on door jamb)  
  • Door Casings for inside and outside of the sauna
  • Cedar lower and upper Vents Grills
  • Heater guard fence
  • Marine-grade, vapour proof light             
  • Detailed sauna installation instructions

4 FEET Cedar Sauna Kits

4 X 4 Sauna Kit

4 X 5 Sauna Kit

4 X 6 Sauna Kit

4 X 7 Sauna Kit

4 X 8 Sauna Kit

5 FEET Cedar Sauna Kits

5 X 5 Sauna Kit

5 X 6 Sauna Kit

5 X 7 Sauna Kit

5 X 8 Sauna Kit

6 FEET Cedar Sauna Kits

6 X 6 Sauna Kit

6 X 7 Sauna Kit

6 X 8 Sauna Kit

7 FEET Cedar Sauna Kits

7 x 7 Sauna Kit

7 x 8 Sauna Kit

8 FEET Cedar Sauna Kits

8 X 8 Sauna Kit

8 X 9 Sauna Kit

8 X 10 Sauna Kit

9 FEET Cedar Sauna Kits

9 x 9 Sauna Kit

9 x 10 Sauna Kit

10 FEET Cedar Sauna Kits

10 x 10 Sauna Kit

Everyone wants to find a fun way of bonding with their friends and family, don’t they?

One of the best ideas is through building your Sauna at home, using our DIY Sauna Kit. The Kit contains various materials that you need to build the perfect and functional Sauna.

The best part about our DIY Sauna Kit is that you can install it anywhere you want, indoor or outdoor, be it inside your master bathroom, your basement, or your outdoor shed, the kit has all the customized resources you need. 

Advantages of DIY Sauna Kit 

You might be wondering why you would want to go through the effort of installing Indoor Do-It-Yourself Sauna Kit, when you can just ask an installation company to do it for you?

Well, most importantly, it saves your money. Unless you want experienced sauna installer to install your sauna kit.

The DIY Sauna Kit is designed for beginners and comes with a fully customized resource pack, with custom measurements; materials; such as premium or knotty cedar wood and door castings, as well as all the little supplies you would want for customization.

The process is fairly simple and does not require any hard skills. You just need to be familiar with basic handyman skills, such as minimal sawing or cordless drills, to modify and alter the nitty-gritty details. In fact, the kit includes a detailed instruction pamphlet with easy to follow drawings.

So, what’s the wait for? Start this fun project today and have your dream Sauna ready by tomorrow! 

Order your custom sauna kit today from Bsaunas – the leading provider of saunas in North America.

Welcome to Bsaunas! We are one of the biggest sauna companies in North America! We have a wide selection of outdoor saunas, wood-burning and electric sauna heaters, custom sauna rooms, custom outdoor saunas, Do-It-Yourself sauna kits, wood-burning hot tubs, and other sauna accessories, made out of high-grade Red Western Cedar. Our products are of high quality, made in Canada and Europe. Bsaunas provides services in Canada and the United States.

We invite you to our showroom located in Barrie, Ontario, where you can see all of our products on display, get personalized consultation, and customize a sauna of your dreams with us!

Bsaunas specializes in factory direct sales of saunas, indoor sauna kits, and prefab saunas made of beautiful and durable Red Western Cedar. Have a cottage and dreaming of an outdoor sauna? We can help you! Renovating your house and thinking of adding a sauna? Bsaunas can do it! We offer residential and commercial sauna installations, as well as custom sauna designs.

Feel free to give us a call for a quote, or if you have any questions, we are always here for you!

FAQ about Traditional Indoor Saunas

Before installing a wood burning stove / heater, check with the local council about safety rules and regulations such as precautionary distance from hedges and neighbours.
For an electric heater / stove, you will need to set up external wiring and a 240v outlet with the help of a licensed electrician.
For lighting up the sauna, electric lines or a solar power system will be required.

An electric heater is both cost-effective and energy-efficient. They only need to be turned on for half of your sauna session.
So, if the average kilowatt-hour of electricity is 13 cents and you have a 5 KW heater, it will cost you 65 cents per hour or 32.5 cents for hour-long sauna sessions.

Traditional indoor saunas can reach temperatures ranging from 150° F to 230° F (65° to 110° Celsius).

Depending on the room’s temperature, insulation, and vent openings, it takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes for the sauna rocks to pre-heat and achieve an optimal warmth level in the indoor home sauna.

With a traditional sauna, you can customize both heat and humidity settings.
Firstly, a wood-burning stove or electric heater heats the sauna rocks which in turn gives out heat to the whole room.
The heater switches on and off (staying on for half the sauna session) to set the temperature while the insulation in the walls and the rocks preserve the heat.

10-15 minutes. Regular sauna goers opt for as many as three sessions with breaks in between.
You should stay hydrated and stay only as long as you feel comfortable.

Yes. Pouring water over heater rocks raises the humidity in a traditional indoor sauna by creating steam. This has numerous benefits including:

  • Upgrading comfort feel
  • Moisturizing dry nasal passages
  • Creating an atmosphere for aromatherapy 
  • Delivering the ‘soft sauna’ experience of lower temperature and higher humidity

Cedarwood is the most popular choice for saunas. It acts as a very good heat insulator while its colour uplifts a sauna’s exterior.
Spruce wood heats up quicker and gives a more traditional feel with its lighter colour.

Yes. A traditional sauna has multiple health benefits such as improved blood circulation, stronger immune system, lower blood pressure, better breathing, and skin cleansing.

Cotton clothes are excellent for absorbing heat and letting the body breathe freely. You can wear a cotton t-shirt, gown or a wrap a towel if you feel comfortable.

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