Custom Residential and Commercial Saunas

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from Toronto to Muskoka

Bsaunas Inc. offers residential and commercial sauna installations from Toronto to Orillia! We are specializing in indoor and outdoor saunas installations for over 10 years.
For each unique home, sauna specialist will create a personal sauna design and use only High-Quality materials to build your sauna.
We will work with you until you are satisfied with our services.

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Custom Indoor & Outdoor Saunas Installation

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Barrel Saunas Installation

Customizing & Installing your Sauna

The ideal investment you can make is to customize and install a sauna within your house, reaping the benefits of all that a sauna has to offer in the comfort of your home. What can be better? 

Customization Ideas

If you’re someone who likes to follow traditional designs, you can customize yours with the basic Sauna cedar wood all across. 

But why not plan it with a lighter theme? After all, it’s all custom! A sleek, modern wood would be a perfect match, blending easily with the rest of your house. 

If you want to incorporate both the styles, you can panel your sauna with woodwork and mount edgy heat-resistant sauna lights on it, to add a little drama in your favourite room. 

Not a fan of all the fuss that comes with installing a sauna inside your house and want your ventilated space to be outdoors? No problem! You can even customize your sauna in your backyard or your patio. 

Installation Process

Follow this indoor/outdoor custom-built sauna installer installation process to get a vague idea of what goes in to making a perfect custom sauna.


  • Location & Size: Even though your sauna is fully customized, you can’t just install it anywhere. Look for a place with a levelled ground and ample room for easily enjoying your Sauna, be it indoor or outdoor, whichever one you prefer for custom-built sauna installation. 

You definitely don’t want to feel suffocated in a hot box! 

  • Materials: It’s preferred to use materials that can handle moisture, so they last longer, and you stay clear of heavy maintenance. We prefer cedar or concrete foundation, both of which are available in different colours and designs. 
  • Heat Source: A very important part of the installation process is choosing and fitting an efficient sauna heat source. There are abundant options, ranging from wood-burning sauna stove to an electric sauna heater. 

Think of the average temperature you would want before choosing your heat source. 

Don’t hold back! Get creative and bring your vision to life. You deserve to give yourself this luxurious gift!

Bsaunas can help you every step of the way to help you customize your sauna. Get in touch with us today!

Welcome to Bsaunas! We are one of the biggest sauna companies in North America! We have a wide selection of outdoor saunas, wood-burning and electric sauna heaters, custom sauna rooms, custom outdoor saunas, Do-It-Yourself sauna kits, wood-burning hot tubs, and other sauna accessories, made out of high-grade Red Western Cedar. Our products are of high quality, made in Canada and Europe. Bsaunas provides services in Canada and the United States.

We invite you to our showroom located in Barrie, Ontario, where you can see all of our products on display, get personalized consultation, and customize a sauna of your dreams with us!

Bsaunas specializes in factory direct sales of saunas, indoor sauna kits, and prefab saunas made of beautiful and durable Red Western Cedar. Have a cottage and dreaming of an outdoor sauna? We can help you! Renovating your house and thinking of adding a sauna? Bsaunas can do it! We offer residential and commercial sauna installations, as well as custom sauna designs.

Feel free to give us a call for a quote, or if you have any questions, we are always here for you!

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