Prefab Portable Indoor Sauna Room Kits For Sale
Buy Portable Indoor Sauna Room in Canada and the USA

If you are looking for a premium indoor sauna room kit that, along with being beautifully constructed is also portable, then search no more!

At Bsaunas we have just what you need – Prefab Portable Indoor Sauna Room Kit – to cater to all your sauna needs.

Advantages of Prefab Portable Indoor Sauna Room Kit

  • Indoor Sauna Room Kit is compact
  • It provides easy mobility making it an excellent portable sauna for your basement or another area
  • A wide range of Sauna heaters can fit in it
  • It is made with high-quality clear cedar wood
  • It is environment friendly
  • The sauna kit is easy to install and use
  • Multiple sauna accessories can be used for this indoor sauna kit
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Prefab Portable Indoor Sauna Room Kit Installation

Indoor Sauna kits are supplied along with its users’ guide, and videos are available all over the internet so you can visually understand its assembling. You can assemble your portable indoor sauna room kit conveniently by following these steps:

  1. Install the base. 
  2. Insert cam lock to wall elements. 
  3. Join all the walls in proper order.
  4. Attach glass top frame.
  5. Lift the ceiling on its place.
  6. Attach inside moldings and bench support.
  7. Now place the bench covers.
  8. Screw the glass with solid molding and attach glass hinges to it.
  9. Install door handle.
  10. Finally, screw outer moldings.

Indoor Prefab Portable Sauna Room useful information and tips

Best Ways To Spend Your Sauna Session

Being cocooned in a blanket of warm air — a sauna is a perfect way to destress and detoxify!
Spending time in a sauna is a surreal experience, but what if we told you that you can step it up a notch by adding a few things to your home prefab sauna routine? 
These small tweaks will revolutionize the way you spend time during your sauna session! 

Basic Guide To A Relaxing Sauna Session

Many people don’t realize that to get the maximum satisfaction from their portable sauna experience in Canada and the USA, they need to step in with the right mindset. 
If you’re too stressed from driving in the traffic, not reaching on time, or not having enough time for your sauna session, then your efforts to relax have already gone down the drain. 
Before you walk into the sauna make sure you’re stress-free and in no hurry! 
For many people, it’s hard due to take time out for outdoor sauna places. But investing in home sauna kit Canada is a convenient solution to all these problems. 
Treat yourself to a sauna for the basement and make your home a sanctuary. The indoor home prefab portable sauna kits are affordable and the best way to spend your sauna session.

Tips To Elevate Your Sauna Experience

Optimal Temperature 
If you’re unaware of the ideal temperature for the sauna, then let us tell you that the temperature should be around 140-180 degrees Fahrenheit. But the perfect temperature is the one you feel most comfortable in. 

What To Wear 
Ideally, nothing. It may sound weird but being naked in a sauna is the best way to release all the toxins. Clothes or towels only act as a barrier that prevents releasing of toxins.
This is why a basement sauna is better because it gives you privacy and allows you to experience the wholesome effect!
Water, Stones, and Oils 
No, I’m not talking about a massage during a sauna session, but these three elements can be just as therapeutic!
Pouring some water on the hot stones in a sauna will create more steam and increase the humidity. This will increase perspiration and allow you to release more toxins.
Mix a few drops of Lavender oil in the water to calm yourself or add a few drops of eucalyptus to clear your nasal passages and sinuses. 
Buying a home sauna and incorporate it into your daily routine. Pop in whenever you need to relax or lift your spirits.
 Keep these tips in mind and every moment in your sauna will be more enjoyable than the last! 

Visit us at Bsaunas to find just the right home sauna kit to transform your sauna sessions. 


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