Indoor Saunas for Sale
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It’s very easy to build your own sauna when you buy our DIY Sauna Kits. You receive a complete package containing everything needed to build your chosen sauna — customized just for you. Anyone can build their own beautiful Western Red Cedar home sauna — no special skills required!

Pick the sauna you have always dreamed of, and we take care of the rest. Simply choose your desired sauna features, and our experienced team of experts will make it happen. Our sauna rooms are made from the finest softwood Western Red Cedar and designed with a touch of Finnish traditions.


Indoor Saunas For Sale

Indoor Saunas useful information and tips

Saunas have been around for centuries as a means for people to let off steam and soak in their numerous health benefits. 
While they are an amazing getaway experience, heading over to your local sauna service isn’t possible all the time and can be heavy on the pocket.
But don’t you worry, we know a way you can enjoy the luxury of sauna any time you wish and that too at the most affordable costs! 
Using just the items you already have at home, or bringing the sauna inside. You can set up your very own indoor home sauna and reap all its benefits from the comfort of your home. 

Pre-Fab or Custom Indoor Sauna?

At Bsaunas in Canada and USA you can buy a custom indoor sauna kit or pre-fab indoor sauna room and enjoy an authentic feel with a complete DIY kit or order a professional sauna installation. 

You can either order pre-fab indoor saunas or have one customized according to your home settings. We recommend either clear Canadian Red Western Cedar or Knotty Canadian Red Western Cedar saunas as favourites.
All you will need are some basic tools and handy carpentry skills to set it up. Remember to choose the right electric or wood stove for yourself. The best choice is HUUM Electric Heater or Grill’D Wood-Burning Heater.

Voila! Your very own indoor sauna is ready. 

Take Away:

There is no better way to rejuvenate than relaxing in your home sauna whenever you feel like it. 
Wondering where you can find a pre-fab indoor sauna or DIY kit to deliver a memorable sauna experience?
Head over to Bsaunas today and check out our amazing variety of indoor saunas for sale! 

Welcome to Bsaunas! We are one of the biggest sauna companies in North America! We have a wide selection of outdoor saunas, wood-burning and electric sauna heaters, custom sauna rooms, custom outdoor saunas, Do-It-Yourself sauna kits, wood-burning hot tubs, and other sauna accessories, made out of high-grade Red Western Cedar. Our products are of high quality, made in Canada and Europe. Bsaunas provides services in Canada and the United States.

We invite you to our showroom located in Barrie, Ontario, where you can see all of our products on display, get personalized consultation, and customize a sauna of your dreams with us!

Bsaunas specializes in factory direct sales of saunas, indoor sauna kits, and prefab saunas made of beautiful and durable Red Western Cedar. Have a cottage and dreaming of an outdoor sauna? We can help you! Renovating your house and thinking of adding a sauna? Bsaunas can do it! We offer residential and commercial sauna installations, as well as custom sauna designs.

Feel free to give us a call for a quote, or if you have any questions, we are always here for you!

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We provide service in Canada and the USA. Call us for a quote and you will be pleasantly surprised!

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