Standard Oval Polar Spa Tub with Liner

The composite plunge tubs of the “STANDARD” series are a classic model and meant to be used on a year-round basis. The plunge tubs of this model may be installed either outdoors or indoors.

When used outdoors, it is recommended to additionally equip the plunge tub with an outer water-heating solid-fueled boiler with a capacity of 25 or 45 kW.

The form of the composite pot is designed based on the human anatomy regardless of height and provides comfortable and safe plunge tub usage when taking hydrotherapy on a year-round basis.

The possibility of additional composite pot heating, as well as setting up of advanced features and equipment, is also considered.

This plunge tub series is produced both with single and double design.

The single barrel plunge tubs have sizes, which allow to carry them through the standard doorways.

Price including steps and not including thermal cover.

110 cm


68 x 130 cm


200 L


1 person


70 kg

Starting from


Manuals and Instructions
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110 cm          68 x 130 cm          200 L          1 person           70 kg

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